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The practitioners at our clinic have years of extensive experience in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. We are leaders in the field of medication treatment for both ED and premature ejaculation. Clinic director R. Baxter Teagarten is the country’s foremost expert on custom dosing of medications having developed over 200 different combinations of FDA approved medications and has helped 98% of the 10,000 patients he has seen here in Las Vegas. He has also consulted with clinics on a national and international level.

Having said that and after much research we are proud to have adopted the SWISS WAVE PROTOCOL which for the first time offers a potential cure for ED patients. The efficacy of this treatment is dependent on your overall health and medical condition and will not help all men. Clinical studies have shown an 85% success rate amongst men with severe ED. The good news is that if the treatment is successful for you, you’ll be able to roll back the clock and perform like a much younger man. This is an anti-aging miracle. You may be able to throw your medications away and we would be thrilled to show you how.

Swiss Wave is a focused pulse wave that stimulates the area of the penis responsible for creating an erection. These gentle waves open existing blood vessels, cause the growth of new blood vessels and stimulate stem cells that then promote the growth of new erectile tissue. Imagine the possibilities.

Examples: A 45 year-old performing like he did when he was 25. A 70 year-old having the virility and stamina that he had in his mid 40’s. Whether Viagra, Cialis or Levitra work for you or not you owe it to yourself to get this anti- aging tune up.
We have the Medications if you need them but we will help you get off them or at the very least reduce the amount you need to take to help you avoid the nasty and uncomfortable side effects they can produce.

Swiss Wave is noninvasive and painless and we owe a debt of gratitude to the Swiss scientists and engineers who invented this machine. The Swiss Wave treatment protocol is widely used throughout Europe and Canada in the treatment of soft tissue disorders. We urge you to go to the links at to read the published research papers for yourself.